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Zhejiang Yuli New Material Co.,Ltd , as one of the national high-tech enterprise, was established at the end of 2005. We are specialized in producing PVC film(projection screen film, window curtain film, ceiling film & banner film) , PVC flex banner, mesh, PVC laminated or knife coated tarpaulin, projection screen fabric, fiberglass window curtain fabric and so on. Our company has digital printing material series, multimedia application material series, tarpaulin cover series, fiberglass material series right now. “Yuli” brand is a famous brand in Jiaxing city.

 The company has advanced PVC cold laminated lines, hot laminated lines, knife coated lines, calendering lines, some other auxiliary machines and a complete set of inspection instruments. Now the company has over 300 staffs which includes more than 80 professional researchers, most of them are senior engineers in this line. The annual output of our company is more than 500 million RMB.

Our company has won the national high-tech enterprise, good behavior enterprise of “AAA”standardization, level 3 enterprise of production safety standardization, no pollution produce enterprise, AA credit enterprise and Standard of innovative enterprise in zhejiang province, one of the first authorized company to use the Zhejiang regional brand which named “Maqiao Warp Knitting”.

The company not only emphasis on scientific management and technical innovation, but also improve the product quality and variety of diversification. Our company has passed the certifications of ISO9001 and ISO14001. We persist in improving our management system which ensures standardization of production and quality stability of our products......



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